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Reverend, Byron Vaughn: Chairman and CEO,


While serving a 15 year sentence at the Indiana State Prison in Michigan City, IN in 1991 the conception of this program (PRUI) was given to me by the Holy Spirit. I had come to know Jesus as my personal savior during my period of incarecration and wanted to be used as a beacon of light to others in my same situation.


The county jails and state prisons are still full today of men such as I was that are serving sentences that are looking for help and hope. I hope to help them as they transition from incarceration to open society. I made a vow to serve God in this capacity the day he gave me the vision of what my ministry was to be. He showed me I could indeed be of service to these unfortunate souls that are frustrated with the criminal justice system, themselves, and their families. They need help in reconnecting with their families, hope in being able to find suitable housing, reliable transportation, and a job they are more than able to do in order to provide for their families. With this accomplishment, they then will surely feel as if they are productive citizens again.


When I was released in 1997 the program came to life in Indianapolis, Indiana. In 1998 PRUI became a viable 501(c) (3), not-for-profit intity that was to serve those preparing for release from prison and/or jail soon. It was then, and continues to be a ministry that offers hope to those that have seen the error of their ways, have accepted Jesus Christ, and are indeed worthy of a second chance.




Rev. Vaughn's 1st day at the new office at Riverside Plaza.

                                                              1426 W. 29th St., Ste. 210B,

                                                              Indianapolis, IN. 46208


                                                              Cell :317-506-2944